5 of the best Floyd Mayweather Jnr tee shirts

Floyd Mayweather Junior tee shirts

A quick round up of Money Mayweather merchandise online. Apart from Floyds obvious talents in the ring he cuts a fine figure out of it too.

It’s no surprise that Money is usually clad in a Louis Vitton t shirt or designer gear.

In contrast to these fashion statements, a lot of the unofficial boxing tee shirts focus as much on his controversial persona and ring rivalries than they do on the man himself. 

official Floyd Mayweather Junior Tee Shirt

Money Team Floyd Mayweather Junior Tee Shirt

1. “The MoneyTeam” Tee Shirt

Lets start off with the Official Money Team tee available from Floyds own merchandising site.

It will no doubt be a big hit with all of the fans that buy into the Mayweather Money persona and the TMT monogram looks good in the variety of styles that it’s offered in.

Again feeding off Floyds prolific social media presence there are also hashtag tees and slightly more designed script tees.

In short definitely one for Floyd officianados and the loyal fan club of both his ring craft and his out of the ring persona.

The site also offers Floyd Mayweather “Money Power Respect” Hats and Snapback lines.

Floyd Mayweather Hate Haters tee shirt tee


 2. Floyd Mayweather ‘Hate Haters’ Tee

As talented as he is, Money Mayweather has his fair share of detractors. While few can dispute his skills, it’s probably the way he handles his business outside the ring that drives the sentiment behind the hate haters tee.

Some argue that he picks his opponents a little too shrewdly. Some lay the blame at his door for the failure of Mayweather v Pacqauio never to come off. Add to this the swagger and flamboyance of Floyd and you can see why some people take a swipe at Money.

The Larry Merchant interview after the Ortiz fight highlights the way Floyd feels he is treated by the public and some parts of the boxing media.

floyd mayweather take the test tee shirt t-shirt

3. Mayweather “Take the Test” T Shirt

Effectively a publicity stunt calling out Pacquiao. This t shirt was released by the Mayweather Team alleging that Manny Pacquaio was on some form of performance enhancing drugs.

Manny’s stance was that he wouldn’t be dictated to by another boxer but would comply with any official rules.

The bickering went on. We still didn’t see them fight.



Free Floyd Mayweather T SHirt

4. Free Floyd Mayweather T Shirt

Floyd was still able to promote and capitalise his empire even after he was banged up for domestic violence against his ex Josie Harris.

The T’s feature a rhinestone design courtesy of Shantel Jackson






roger mayweather t-shirt- you don't know shit about boxing funny boxing tee shirt5. Roger Mayweather T Shirt – You Don’t know Shit about Boxing

Finally, I know its not a Floyd Mayweather Tee shirt but his Uncle Roger.

“Unca Roger” is probably the most entertaining of the 3 Mayweathers. In boxing forums and discussions all over the web you can hear his catch phrase bandied around…

“you don’t know shit ’bout boxing” 

Funny tee shirt –  you can pick it up from here

Boxing tee shirt round up over.

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